Hangingstone Pedestrian Bridge

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Project Overview

Pedestrian access across the Hangingstone River to Fort McMurray’s lower town site was traditionally accommodated by the Tolden Drive Bridge.  The bridge was designed primarily for vehicles with a narrow wooden walkway which was unsuitable for bikes.  Increased recreational activity and the redevelopment of the existing bridge for enhanced vehicular use necessitated the development of an independent pedestrian bridge.

Designed in conjunction with Associated Engineering and HFKS, the Hangingstone Bridge provides improved multi-use trail access with a design aesthetic complementary to the natural surrounding.  The new pedestrian bridge was positioned parallel to the vehicle.  The bridge was positioned to minimize environmental impact to the Hangingstone River and its banks as well as to create a more direct connection between Lions Park and Heritage Park. Other elements of this project included the design of signage, barriers, furnishings and associated landscaping, in addition to a conceptual upgrading plan for Heritage Park.