Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Streetscape + Open Space Plan

Vaughan, Ontario

Project Overview

EDA completed the Vaughan Corporate Centre (VCC) Streetscape and Open Space Plan Study in 2007, for a new vibrant, central urban district with regional importance for the City of Vaughan. The Vaughan Corporate Centre node has recently been renamed Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) and will become the City’s downtown core. EDA has recently completed the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Streetscape and Open Space Plan, which provides an update to the VCC document, including a comprehensive landscape framework and design guidelines for the implementation of public realm spaces that are closely integrated with privately developed spaces within the VMC.
The Plan envisions a vibrant and seamlessly connected system of high quality, publicly-accessible pedestrian circulation, social and recreational spaces.  Consistent with and building upon the VMC Secondary Plan, it is envisioned that this new Regional Urban Centre will evolve incrementally over time. The Plan seeks to leverage the significant public sector transportation and infrastructure investments, as well as future private developments, to create an integrated system of streetscapes, parks and open spaces.