King Street West & Downtown Gateway

Hamilton, Ontario

Project Overview

EDA Collaborative Inc. created a Master Plan, Concept and Implementation Strategy for King Street West between Bay Street and James Street in Downtown Hamilton, a Downtown Gateway Concept at Hess Street and a Downtown Entranceway at Queen Street.  King Street West is a major east-west street with a concentration of Hamilton’s civic facilities, including City Hall, the Hamilton Convention Centre, Copps Coliseum and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

The primary goals of the project are to not only build on King Street’s identity as a “Civic Precinct”, but also to utilize streetscape design and a wayfinding program (Reich + Petch Design International)  to turn the focus from an environment that is car-dominated to one that is much more pedestrian friendly.  The consultation strategy included a walking tour of the study site, a series of client/ team workshops, telephone interviews, two public open houses, questionnaires and postings on the City website.