Gananoque Lowertown Master Plan

Town of Gananoque, Ontario

Project Overview

Following the success of the Gananoque Waterfront Master Plan that EDA Collaborative Inc. completed in 1984, EDA, together with Quadra Consulting Group, completed the Gananoque Lowertown Master Plan and Community Improvement Plan for the Town of Gananoque. The Lowertown Study included a comprehensive consultation program with City Council and Steering Committees, local business owners and stakeholders, as well as the community.

Through a set of design guidelines, the study provides a strategy for the future development of the Lowertown area and the protection of public access to the waterfront.  It also identifies the types of activities that may take advantage of this unique district and provides an overview of economic activities which have the greatest potential for growth or attraction to the Lowertown area.  The remains of the once strong industrial heritage in Gananoque present many interesting redevelopment/restoration opportunities that match current tourism and other economic needs. Working with JH Stevens Planning and Development Consultants, the team also drafted a Community Improvement Plan, as per Part IV of the Planning Act, to be applied to the core area of the Lowertown, and Gananoque’s Downtown commercial area.