Stanksi Kingswood Park Redevelopment Plan

City of St. Albert, Alberta

Project Overview

Albert Nordic Ski Club (STANSKI) was founded in 1971 by a local group of cross country skiers. Over the years, the club has experienced steady growth in membership reaching 200 members in the 2005/06 ski season. In an effort to provide diverse skiing opportunities for their members, the club develops and grooms 11km of trails throughout Kingswood Park and River Lot 56 on the eastern side of St. Albert. The trails are groomed for both classic and skating technique.

The club had been interested in reconfiguring existing trails to reduce conflict with alternative users, maximize recreational opportunities while preserving the natural aesthetics of the park, linking to neighboring trail systems, and enhancing the four season use of the park site. EDA Collaborative Inc. was retained in April, 2007 to assist STANSKI and the City of St. Albert in developing a Redevelopment Concept Plan for Kingswood Park.

The study was separated into four phases of work in an effort to meet the project requirements.   The first phase consisted of an assessment of existing conditions and potential impacts of the proposed upgrading program. Site opportunities and constraints were documented to provide a basis for exploration of design alternatives.   The second phase involved the development of a site program with development option based on an analysis of current and potential uses as well as the clubs specific facility requirements and associated management issues.  The following stage involved the production of a preliminary master plan and related report outlining various preliminary design concept alternatives for client, stakeholder, and public review.  The master plan and associated report was then refined based on comments received from the client, stakeholders and public review.