Whitehorse Streetscape

City of Whitehorse, Yukon

Project Overview

Increasingly, municipalities are realizing the importance of streetscapes.  A well designed streetscape can not only enrich the everyday lives of users by making a community more liveable, it can also increase tourism potential.  The City of Whitehorse enlisted the services of EDA Collaborative Inc. to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of 3rd Avenue.

The design process began with a review of existing site conditions and background information.  The information gathered helped generate an overall vision for the streetscape as well as specific solutions for site issues including: theme, seasonal maintenance and appearance, the creation and enhancement of focal points, pedestrian circulation and vehicular parking, vandalism, as well as urban tree survivability.  Design concepts were formulated and were presented to the public for their feedback.  Design features included:

  1. Streetscape right-of-way
  2. Curbs lines and general drainage patterns
  3. Curb cuts
  4. Sidewalk surface treatment and geometrics including crosswalks
  5. Building edge-to-edge cross-sections
  6. Location and appearance of street and decorative lighting
  7. Location of signage
  8. Location and appearance of street furniture
  9. Location and type of planting areas
  10. Types of vegetation
EDA also prepared contract documents and drawings; and provided construction management services to assist City inspectors with any landscape.