Fort Edmonton Footbridge and Trails

Edmonton, Alberta

Project Overview

This Fort Edmonton Footbridge and Trails project involved the planning, design and construction of a new footbridge at Fort Edmonton and the extension of trails primarily on the north side of the river crossing.  In developing the new crossing, it was important to consider that bridge crossings are major determinates of the landscape form and have significant impacts, both positive and negative, on the visual character the Valley.

Some of the challenges of designing the bridge were providing a grade level trail linkage from the bridge crossing, complementing the landscape character of the site with the final bridge and trail design, as well as identifying the proposed trail links.  To address the challenges, EDA explored alternative trail routings that were already proposed.  Each option was based on capital cost, environmental impact, public acceptance and buildability.  Once a preferred route was chosen, EDA prepared preliminary designs for not only the trails, but also associated facilities, such as stair connections, entry nodes, signage, furniture and lighting.  Plans were presented to stakeholders and ultimately developed into construction documents.

EDA’s involvement continued into the construction phase with the flagging of trail and facility locations in conjunction with the City, the monitoring of construction and addressing any changes that arose to the contract, as well as the production of a final record drawings based on the as-built survey and construction manager’s records.  The trail infrastructure and bridge has provided important multiuse trail linkages and have contributed greatly to the character and functionality of the area.