Capital Region River Valley Park

Devon to Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta

Project Overview

The River Valley Alliance is a not-for-profit company dedicated to transforming Alberta’s Capital Region’s river valley into a world-class park, an outstanding tourism destination, and a lasting legacy for future generations of Albertans. For over a decade, EDA has provided assistance to the River Valley Alliance to help them realized this dream.

Some of the key phases of the project thus far have included the development of an Integrated Concept Plan which brought together the plans and ideas of government and stakeholders within each of the Capital Region’s river valley’s seven municipalities; the creation of a Plan of Action that expands on the integrated Concept Plan by outlining in greater detail proposed features and amenities of the open space system, along with high level cost estimates; research and mapping for the Connectivity and Access Initiative land securement strategy which identifies the privately owner parcels that will likely be required for either trail linkages or for other amenity development; as well as Priority mapping of the thirty-four projects identified in the Connectivity and Access Initiative report as well as a high level cost estimate for each project.

Although still in the formative stages, this project, upon completion, will be one of the largest river valley parks in the world.