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Glen Stewart Revitalization Revealed

Designed by EDA Collaborative with careful attention to robust materials and sensitive detailing, the improvements include an elevated boardwalk installed with two wooden pedestrian bridges suspended over delicate wetlands. Eastern white cedar fencing using post-and-paddle joinery – rather than nails – has been installed to lead visitors into the natural refuge while keeping them off newly planted areas. Damaged slopes have been reinforced with 16 retaining walls of sand bags, to be interplanted with hundreds of herbs and grasses such as wild geranium, Canada wild rye, sky-blue aster and woodland sunflower. Invasive heavily shading trees such as the Norway maple and Manitoba maple have been removed, to be exchanged for native species such as red maple, red oak, black cherry, hemlock and yellow birch.

by: Lisa Rochon, Architecture Critic

The Globe and Mail


Last updated Monday, Jun. 18 2012, 10:22 AM ED

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