Lakewood Park North

Town of Tecumseh, Ontario

Project Overview

Lakewood Park is situated on Lake St. Clair in Southwestern Ontario and is the only major waterfront property for the Town of Tecumseh.  The park is a "signature" park that showcases the natural site features and culturla heritage of Tecumseh and provides a unique place for community and family functions with high quality recreation opportunities for all ages and abilities.  Borrowing from its rich heritage dating back to the early French settlers, the  park is divided into "river-lot" zones of ecology, culture and recreation.  The design theme of the park is brought to life through interpretation and design expression of materials and through the overall structure of the park. Key features include a 30-foot long dragon sculpture, dragon view garden, wood boardwalk, water play feature, multi-use space, arts and crafts garden, park shelter, naturalized beach area, entrance plaza and central pedestrian spine with banners and benches, wet meadow and stormwater ponds and lake viewing platform.