Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor Park

Mississauga, Ontario

Project Overview

EDA was the design-team lead for the Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor Park, a new addition to the Credit Valley Hospital and the Peel Region Cancer Centre.  The park was designed with highly visible frontage on the street that invites public involvement, meeting a need for additional green space in a highly urbanized region. The theme for the park is life and vitality and the design takes cues from the natural surroundings of the site, including the nearby Credit River.  The site is divided into three main sections: the Cancer…There’s Hope focal point with a backdrop of large boulders and colourful plantings; the Road to Recovery Walk, a calm garden with lush green plantings for more contemplative reflection; and the Positive Mental Attitude Walk, a vibrant place with colourful plantings and an all-season water feature.  The recurring symbol is the spiral, which has a cross-cultural meaning  for the continuity of life, repeated in a stone sculpture and planting design.