From offices in Toronto and Edmonton in Canada and Beijing in China, EDA Collaborative Inc. offers clients a unique mix of talented professional staff and associates to take on a variety of planning and design challenges. The planners, designers and managers at EDA’s award-winning consulting practice are dedicated to finding original solutions that bring together built and natural surroundings to create functional and special places


Patrick Li

Patrick, a co-founder of EDA, has over forty years of experience in planning and design of national and international landmark urban and recreational parks, civic squares, cultural and tourism facilities and the recipient of over thirty national and international planning and design awards. He takes pride in working closely with our clients to develop the most appropriate design solutions that meet their needs and in encouraging our team members to exceed our clients’ expectation.

Ted Muller

TMTed is a registered landscape architect with many years of practice in planning, design and implementation.  He has designed landscapes throughout western and northern Canada including streetscapes, open spaces, waterfronts and trail systems.


Annette Parent Sullivan

Annette is a Senior Associate and Designer who has been with the firm for over 20 years.  She has participated on a wide variety of project types from large scale urban designs for new communities to streetscapes, parks and recreational facilities with particular emphasis on children’s creative play.

She is a talented designer who creates exciting graphic presentations for projects as well as an in-depth understanding of budget considerations and implementation requirements. Annette has participated in the design of numerous award-winning urban precincts across Canada and internationally.  Her clients respect her design experience as well as her ability to ensure successful implementation.

Bob Nicholson

Bob is an associate and senior project manager with the firm and has provided leadership in all phases of project development.  His design and technical experience have helped guide many of the firm’s major projects.

Design Team

Kristin Grimard


Kristin is a Senior Landscape Architect with EDA with over 15 years of consulting experience.  She has applied her innovative design and planning skills to a variety of projects across Canada. Her work includes parks design, open space and tourism development initiatives, stormwater management facilities and low impact design features, as well as urban planning and research. She has a particular interest in universal design and brings to the EDA team her ability to think critically, strong graphic skills and proficiency in a wide variety of software.

Nazanin Moshkelani

NMNazanin is an Urban Designer/Landscape Architect Intern at EDA with over 6 years of experience, working on a variety of Canadian and international projects for public and private sectors. She has professional experience in master planning, parks and open space design, waterfront, public realm and streetscape projects. Her great passion for people and places along with her strong technical skills, brings valuable insight to the EDA team

Jean Mu
BArch, MES

Jean Mu has a solid background in Urban Design, Architectural Design, and Urban Planning. She brings to projects the advantage of having been on a wide variety of projects at local and international levels. Her experience includes urban public square design, streetscape design, campus master plan and architectural design, residential and commercial master plan and architectural design, urban design guideline, and working drawings.

Shi Ning
BArch, MLA

Shi Ning is a Project Designer at EDA with over 8 years of Canadian and international consulting experience. Shi has an architectural as well as a landscape architectural background that combines to provide clients with valuable insights.

She brings experience in a wide variety of projects at the master plan and detailed design level including: culture and tourism, waterfront and open spaces, regional park design, community planning and urban regeneration, streetscape design and architectural design of commercial, cultural/civic, residential projects.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to her work brings an added dimension that helps create the “spark” in the design process.

Christopher Rodrigues

Christopher is a landscape architectural technologist with EDA Collaborative Inc.  He has worked on planning and design projects ranging from parks and open space design to waterfronts, as well as residential and commercial design plans. He has a strong understanding of plant material and technically proficient in a variety of computer programs including AutoCAD. Christopher also has a strong background in construction management including project coordination, site inspections, and preparation of contract documentation and payment certificates.

Christopher has worked on projects which have included the evaluation of potential construction impacts to existing plant material and the identification of recommended actions to mitigate potential damage to noted existing vegetation to be retained including construction setbacks from the existing plant material and protective hoarding requirements.

Weiming Shi

WSWeiming Shi is a junior designer graduated from the University of Toronto. She has professional knowledge in both landscape architecture and urban design.  She is passionate about creating public spaces to enhance the living environment in cities. Weiming brings strong graphic capability and creative thinking to the EDA team. Meanwhile, she joins various design competitions to challenge herself and maintain innovation.


Administrative Staff
Lucianna Low

Lucianna is the cornerstone of the Toronto office. Her thoroughness and quick thinking keeps the office running like clockwork.

Judy Muller

Judy Muller is the go-to person in the Edmonton office and the friendly face that welcomes you. She has exceptional organizational skills and keeps the office running smoothly with her attention to detail.